iChef Express has more in store for you.

Party Trays

Food is best enjoyed together. Our balanced diet food trays are good for 6-10 people.

Corporate Meals

Everyone works best when they’re healthy. We also cater to corporate accounts.

Special Events

Are you hosting a birthday party, high school reunion, a sports event or simply a hangout session? We cater to your dietary needs and occasions too!

Health Consultation

The best Meal Plan is highly individual. Discuss your goals with our in-house nutritionist dietician and learn or discover what should and shouldn’t be on your plate.

Life Consultation

We’re also on a mission to feed your soul. Healthy eating is a stepping stone to a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have a lot on your plate? While our nutritionists help you get more out of your meals, our life coaches teach you how to get more out of life.

Diet, exercise, work or relationships. A helping hand will always make a difference.

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