Thank you for choosing the services of iChef Express. These Terms of Service applies to our websites.

By using our services, you agree to the terms contained herein and the terms of our privacy policy. If you do not agree, please do not use our services.

Delivery Policies

  1. iChef Express may charge a delivery fee for difficult delivery addresses.
  2. Meals will be delivered daily to the Client’s location provided in the Website Client’s Form. Any change of delivery address must be given notice BEFORE 12 NOON of the delivery date. Failure to comply with the policy will be on Client’s end. Delivery will start at 1PM onwards.
  3. An authorized representative shall acknowledge receipt of the food’s items on the Delivery Receipt, as advised by Client. In case the authorized representative refuses to accept delivery, iChef Express delivery personnel shall return the food items to iChef Express commissary. This will be deducted towards the Client’s Meal Plan, or the Client has the option to REQUEST FOR DELIVERY VIA EXPRESS COURIERS and WILL SHOULDER THE DELIVERY FEE.
  4. Upon delivery of food, the Client shall immediately store the meals as instructed on the label (Refrigerated or Frozen). iChef Express shall not be responsible for the spoilage of food or any other problems that may arise due to Client’s failure to store the food properly.

Client’s Information

  1. iChef Express will provide Client with food based on the package agreed upon.
  2. The Client, upon enrollment, will fill out the Client’s form containing all information needed. Any adverse result coming from the wrong or incomplete information provided by the Client will not be held accountable to iChef Express. iChef Express will keep all information given strictly confidential.
  3. iChef Express will not be responsible for any medical reaction or other complications that may be brought about by the consumption of the meal package.
  4. In order to achieve optimal weight loss, Client should eat only the food that iChef Express provides for the duration of the program. Should the Client feel any hunger or weakness, an iChef Express representative must be contacted to re-evaluate the meal package availed.


  1. The Client will make full payment for the price of the package before the meal may be started. The Client can start his or her meal package three (3) days after receipt of payment, or at a different date as advised.
  2. If the Client needs to put on hold his or her meal deliveries, the Client shall inform iChef Express AT LEAST TWO (2) DAYS BEFORE DATE OF DELIVERY. The Client shall, likewise, inform iChef Express from his or her desired day of resumption BEFORE 12 NOON AT LEAST TWO (2) DAYS BEFORE DATE OF RESUMPTION. Failure to comply with the two-day notice will be on Client’s end. In case Client puts on hold the delivery without following the 2-day notice, The Client will not be eligible for any refund or complimentary meals, and this will be considered as a FORFEITED ORDER. Clients are allowed to put their meal package on hold for 30 days, beyond 30 days, remaining meals shall be FORFEITED.
  3. In case the Client wants to pre-terminate his or her subscription, iChef Express can offer store credit for use on other iChef Express products and services equivalent to the value of unprocessed meals.
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